Customize your table with our metal legs

In this section you can find different models of table legs to be combined with tops in order to create modern designer tables. Made of steel or iron, they are handcrafted by our expert workers, who use processing techniques linked to tradition but using modern and cutting-edge technologies. Our artisans and designers work in team to always find new styles and trends. We put craftsmanship and technology at the service of every customer.

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The production takes place in our laboratories, in particular in our mechanical workshop where we mainly work wrought iron. Check out our online shop and discover all the table leg models available.

If you are looking for metal legs to create customized tables, contact us for a consultation. We will advise you on the best solution, making sure that the table legs you have chosen become an integral part of the project: with a new support you will have the table you have always wanted.

How do you choose the right legs for your table?

Tables are at the centre of every living room, figuratively and literally speaking. The table will unavoidably be looked at by your guests, whether they are sitting around it or on the nearby sofa.

Therefore, it can't just be presentable, it must be perfect. Choosing the right legs is not that simple and, in the magical world of furniture, it's essential to have what is commonly called an "overview".

It's not just a matter of which legs you want for your table, but also and above all: "which table do you want for those legs? And what effect can their combination produce?"

The answer to the first question is quite simple: iron legs, a material that can be used in many ways at home, are almost always a good choice, and give the living room a pleasant touch of industrial modernity that goes well with the current taste.

  • Iron table legs and glass or crystal plate: they create a contrast of immediate chromatic and stylistic impact, reinforcing the industrial atmosphere of the table; we recommend relatively simple and unadorned legs, so as not to interfere with the purity of the glass.
  • Iron legs and sheet: the tables entirely made of iron and their naturally inspired scrolls are a perennial classic of gardens.
  • Wooden top with iron legs: this choice recalls a slightly retro industrial style, a contrast between the new and the old.

Check our website to choose the product that best reflects your taste and style.