Stone shelf

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STONE shelves are a useful furniture solution to store objects optimizing space. This functional object adds a decorative touch to all the walls of the house.

Base colour

Description and details

Bent powder coated laser cut iron


Length: 50 cm
Depth 22 cm
Height: 14,3 cm

Mounting KIT included

Shelves: a versatile piece of furniture for every need

Books, CDs, ornaments, souvenirs and photographs make a home lively and welcoming, finding their perfect order in wall shelves of many shapes and materials. Simple and linear or with an original and refined design, these furnishings decor the spaces of your living area or your study with practicality and beauty.

Shelves are pieces of furniture that lend themselves to be used in every room of the house. They are also particularly versatile, since they allow you to take advantage of the empty walls and corners that can hardly be furnished with standard-sized furniture.

Shelves are a quick and easy way to have a support surface in every area of the house. In the kitchen, bathroom or living room, shelves offer a creative and original solution to take advantage of all the available space and to add a personal touch to the interior design. Thanks to our iron Stone shelf, for example, you'll be able to transform a white wall into a decorative element.

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How can you decorate your house with shelves?

Shelves, thanks to the development of new design concepts and the use of innovative materials, have become a fundamental piece of furniture to enhance unused walls and corners. Designer shelves, for example, can give an impersonal living room that missing scenographic touch to complete the interior design.

Shelves are also very popular pieces of furniture, they can be used in any room both to create an open storage space for books or boxes, and to organize decorative objects such as photo holders, vases or collectibles. In fact, the great advantage of shelves is that they provide additional space to store objects without weighing down the room.

Being simple exposed shelves, without walls, they make the atmosphere of the room more airy, giving it a sense of lightness that only few other pieces of furniture give.


RAL 7000

RAL 7044

RAL 9010


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