Shelves: timeless style icons

With its avant-garde design, every shelf in our range will lend personality to any room, while also fulfilling its practical function as a storage unit. In the living room in particular, shelves are a quick and original way of creating interesting walls and adding a personal feel to the room. Shelves can hold anything, from vases and accessories to books and small collectibles.

The living room is the ideal place to express your personality and passions, to create a truly unique and stylish environment, which will guests will both admire and feel at ease in. In this room, it is vital to position shelves so that they are both functional, but also harmonious and consistent with the overall style. In this case, we recommend design-led iron shelves, positioned in a staggered arrangement so as to create contrasts between the proportions of the shelves and the other furniture in the room, resulting in a striking finish.

90x100 Ferro creates metal shelves with a contemporary design that help you optimise space and bring a decorative touch to the walls of your home. To find out more about all our wall accessories and the cost of our shelves, visit our online sales area.

Use your space wisely!

Shelves are increasingly commonplace furnishing accessories, especially in modern homes, as they offer space-saving solutions. Always featuring original forms and modern aesthetics, they allow you to make better use of available space, by storing objects vertically, on display, and always at hand. Ideal for any living room, they can be used to hold books, to show off an ornament, a vase of flowers, or photographs, or as a place to keep your favourite CDs and DVDs, as well as mementos from your travels around the world.

The shelves you will find in our online shop are suited to contemporary interiors and are essential allies when you need to use space smartly. When shelves are unusually shaped, they move into the realm of design feature, becoming a stylish and innovative accent in any interior.

We offer stunning items that allow you to furnish your home functionally, adding an extra touch of elegance to your rooms. Available in a wide choice of sizes and colours, they will sit perfectly amidst the rest of your furniture. A shelf is a simple and inexpensive way to personalise your living room.

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