Create a warm, welcoming mood with our pendant lamps!

Featuring a modern, elegant design, our iron pendant lamps bring warmth  and cosiness to any setting. A lamp is a key feature of any room. It must work perfectly with the interiors and styles of the home where it is installed. If you love a contemporary look, for example, we recommend  a metal pendant lamp with geometric lines for a bedroom or living room that is channelling today's trends.

A pendant lamp is also height-adjustable, making it ideal for an office too. This means light levels can be changed with flexibility. If placed very high up, on the ceiling, it can illuminate an entire room, while when positioned lower down, it can light up a table or a kitchen island. Whatever style your home or work environment is, visit our online shop to find the perfect lamp for you, at affordable prices!

More than just accessories

Pendant lamps are often designed for universal use and their high-impact looks and superior materials mean they  can be considered key  - and even decorative  - features of an interior. Not only that, they can be used either  individually or paired with other light sources, such as floor lamps and spotlights. In large spaces, they can be hung in pairs, to illuminate  - for example - a long rectangular table in a dining room or hallway. To create a particularly striking effect, several lamps can be hung from the ceiling in a cluster; this works especially well with smaller, more compact lamps. 

To choose the right pendant lamp you need to get the proportions right - the lamp must be able to light up the entire room without creating annoying shadows.

Why should I choose a LED filament bulb for my pendant lamps?

A LED filament bulb is the ideal choice if you are looking to achieve an evenly spread lighting effect,  without any interference. Not only that, they offer energy savings of around  90% and do not contain toxic substances. They have a lifetime of approximately 15,000 hours. 

From a design point of view, a filament bulb is certainly much more stylish than the conventional  LED bulbs. The light produced does not emit any infrared or ultraviolet radiation, which means it is gentle on your  eyes. There is an inert gas inside the bulb (usually helium or nitrogen) which distributes the heat over the entire surface of the bulb, preventing the glass from tarnishing over time and keeping brightness at a maximum. 

Filament bulbs are ideal for all those places where you want  a pleasant, welcoming feel and are also well suited to  ornamental lamps.

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