90X100 FERRO: design accessories

90X100 FERRO SRL was born from an idea of Piero Bortolotti and Alessio Zanoni.

Alessio's twenty year experience in metalworking cycles and Piero's passion for design and furnishings represent the starting point from which a totally Italian brand took shape, in which craftsmanship blends with the use of cutting-edge technologies for metalworking.

90x100 Ferro offers a selection of furnishings, objects, lighting and accessories for the home characterized by an essential and linear aesthetic that calls to mind the Nordic design. In addition to offering our collection, we also collaborate with important companies, architectural firms and other businesses for the creation of custom-made projects and contract services.

Continue browsing our online shop to discover all our products! Whether you're from Parma or Milan, you can do it comfortably from your sofa!


We shape your ideas

Our production is inspired by the clean lines of the Nordic design. We are careful towards the latest trends, but we aim at creating timeless objects.

All our products are handcrafted by our expert artisans, and are produced, manufactured and packaged in Italy. We only use first choice materials and every accessory is examined technically by Engineer Fabio Poli's firm, with which we collaborate.

We furnish and personalise your home, your office and your premise, giving shape to your ideas. How? We create tailor-made objects for your home or company implementing projects with private individuals, interior designers and architectural firms.


Why 90X100?

90% of our project's recipe is made of safe ingredients. The remaining 10% is a peculiar mix that belongs to each single object, that special something that makes it unique and unrepeatable.

That 10% is influenced by the hand of the creator of the object, by the client's choices, by the environment where it will be placed. It's that 10% on which we can't intervene, because it is the soul of the object. If you're looking for design furnishing accessories for your home or office, visit our online store and buy our products in complete safety!