Spider coffee table

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Practical and elegant table top, with a versatile use. The Spider coffee table has a simple shape and an elegant essence. Thanks to the different customizable combinations between the materials of the base and the top, Spider is suitable for all environments and styles.

Base colour
Top colour

Description and details

Base: bent powder coated laser cut iron
Top: wood, iron sheet (5 variants), stoneware

Base: H 43 cm

wood 10 mm
iron 4mm
stoneware 9 mm

Ø : 42 cm

Coffee table maximum load capacity: 60kg

Designer tables strictly Made in Italy

Coffee tables are useful to have a book, a coffee or the remote control within reach. They represent the central elements of your classic or modern living room, and they fit perfectly into any living space giving a touch of design.

Do you already have a sofa but you feel something is missing? Coffee tables are the answer. By visiting our online shop you'll easily find the one that suits your needs and the style of your home.

For example, our Spider Coffee Table: with its steel base and iron, stoneware or wooden top, it's perfect for design interiors with a classic or modern style. We believe that the most important thing, the base of everything, is the quality of raw materials.

This is why we want to offer you coffee tables that are strictly Made in Italy and made of different materials. Visit our online shop!

How much space do you have in your living room?

A nice coffee table is the central element of the living room: joined by a sofa and an armchair, it allows the guests to gather around it and share good moments.

This is why it must be chosen carefully: its size, according to the space available is very important, as well as its colour and material, that will have to match the interior decor. You will have to start from these points to choose your new coffee table.

If you want to place it in front of the sofa, the distance from it has to be at least 45 cm to leave some space for the legs of those sitting. In case the TV is in front of the sofa, it's best to leave a space of at least 60 cm between the TV and the coffee table, to be able to pass easily.

If you have to buy a new coffee table for your living room, don't miss our online offers!



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RAL 7000

RAL 7021

RAL 7044

RAL 9010