Looking for the perfect coffee table for you?

Coffee tables are practical and decorative furnishings that become essential items in areas dedicated to relaxation and conversation, i.e. the space around a sofa and armchairs. Having somewhere to put down your coffee cup or remote control, or to hold books, magazines, or an ashtray, is always convenient and makes a room more welcoming and comfortable. That is why it is important to choose the right coffee table for your living room, focussing on finding a model that has personality and creates harmony between the various features of the room.

This kind of coffee table is very versatile and suitable not only for a lounge, but also other rooms with a small sitting area, such as a study, dining room, or bedroom.

Would you prefer a metal coffee table for your living room? Perhaps one with a screen printed design? Why not stop by our online shop? You can browse our range of iron coffee tables including contemporary and design-led models at honest, affordable prices.

When you're relaxing on your settee do you get the feeling there's something missing?

Well, of course! It's the coffee table that should be in front of you, in your living room! The perfect place to put the remote control, a magazine, or the drink you are enjoying.

If you are looking for a coffee table with a modern, pared-down style, check out our online shop. There is a vast assortment of colours and finishes to choose from, which work with various kinds of furniture. To choose the most suitable coffee table for you, remember to think carefully about the following aspects:

The height of the table: it must be proportional to the height of your settee;

The ideal distance from the edge of the settee to the coffee table: to make sure everyone is sitting comfortably, it must be about 50 cm away; Shapes and colours: this is really a matter of personal taste, but always bear in mind the surrounding space. There must always be harmony and balance in the room, so try to avoid creating unnecessary empty spaces or, on the contrary, overfilling.

All our tables are handcrafted and made entirely in Italy, from design to production.

Without a coffee table, there is something missing in the living room. It seems slightly empty and the settee and armchairs seem to sit alone, in a somehow incomplete room. Where do you put the remote control, or your glass of water, wine, or beer? Where can your snacks go - or your magazines, books, or glasses - if there is no coffee table? Coffee tables are not only useful, if carefully and uniquely designed, they can turn a living room into something special, blending in harmoniously with the surrounding furniture. Visit our online shop and contact us for further information.