Personalize your home with our wall hangers!

Large or small, the doorway is the area that welcomes your guests, the calling card that reflects your style and way of being. With 90x100 Ferro you can choose among different models of coat hangers in many different colours! The eclectic and versatile personality of our furnishing accessories will colour your rooms, giving them an original touch of design. Our wall hangers will strike the attention of every guest thanks to their beauty and functionality.

Sometimes, to choose your wall hanger, you just need to rely on your taste. In addition to its materials and finishes, we also have to take into account its size and the room where it will be placed.

These furnishing accessories can become decorative accessories for the home, and are also useful in every room: the living room, bedroom, the bathroom or the kitchen. Hanging our coats, jackets or scarves when we come home is essential, and it's possible to do it without sacrificing style. Our iron wall hangers, entirely handcrafted and Made in Italy, meet the needs of those who prefer whimsical furniture, that doesn't go unnoticed.

There is no rule for the coat hanger's colours and finishes; actually the more impactful it is, the more successful it is. The wall hangers that you'll find by consulting our online shop, have clean and essential lines and adapt to different styles of furniture.

Organize your space in the best way!

For the doorway, the bedroom, the office or any other environment, wall hangers are the ideal solution to organize the space in the best way possible.

Less bulky than the classic floor hangers, with our wall hangers it will be easier for you to keep your coats, jackets and accessories tidy. Surprise your guests with the unmistakable style of our furnishing accessories. You can create endless original and design solutions.

Entirely handcrafted, our wall hangers combine the decorative effect with functionality. They easily replace normal floor hangers, saving space, and giving the same aesthetic impact of a painting. These furnishing accessories are unique!

Who doesn't have a coat hanger to take off jackets and accessories immediately when coming home? Everyone has one! Small, slim and modern, wall hangers are the best choice if there is little space available. You can, in fact, mount them in a corner of the doorway, behind a door, or next to a mirror.

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