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An all-Italian craftsmanship

90X100 Ferro focuses on heavy materials, using them lightly, combining an international taste with an all- Italian craftsmanship.

The company, always careful towards the latest trends, aims at creating timeless objects. 90X100 Ferro was born thanks to Alessio Zanoni's experience in the light metal working sector and Piero Bortolotti's passion for art and interior design.

The two business partners, together, represent the perfect union between experience and passion. The company produces a range of metal objects and furnishing accessories, even custom-made, combined with wood, glass, fabrics or plastic materials. All the products are handcrafted by expert artisans and are made, manufactured and packaged in Italy.

Iron lamps, small tables, coat hangers, coffee tables, shelves, table legs and much more… Continue browsing our online shop to discover all our products!

Pendant lamps

Made of iron, modern and with an elegant design, our pendant lamps create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, fitting well and matching perfectly with the furnishing style of each home. Ideal for both your home and your office, the pendant chandelier is adjustable in height, allowing you to vary the light in a flexible manner.

table lamps

The table lamps express their style and technicality in order to better illuminate every space, whether it's professional or residential, creating the right atmosphere. Made of iron, suitable for an office desk, a bedside table or a living room table, they have always been furnishing elements capable of giving a touch of elegance, charm or personal taste to the rooms.

wall lamps

Wall lamps, as design elements, enrich the spaces or perfect the interior design and its style. This is why choosing them becomes very important and manages to characterize the environment in which they are inserted. Thanks to our metal solutions, which are artisanal and custom-made, your walls will no longer be empty and impersonal, but will have their own character.

Coffee tables

Coffee tables represent real furnishing accessories: in fact, in addition to decorating, they are also functional to the resting and conversation area par excellence, the living room, that revolves around the sofa and armchairs. Having a surface to place coffee cups, remote controls, books, magazines or ashtrays is always convenient, and makes the room more welcoming and comfortable.

coat hangers

Large or small, the doorway is the home environment that welcomes your guests, the calling card that reflects your style and way of being. With 90x100 Ferro you can choose among different models of coat hangers in many different colours! The eclectic and versatile personality of our furnishing accessories will colour your rooms, giving them an original touch of design.


Each shelf, with its avant-garde design, gives personality to every room, while also fulfilling its function as a container. Especially in the living room, in fact, the shelves represent a quick and original method to create walls with interesting lines, and they give a touch of personality to your spaces. You can put anything on them, from vases and decorative elements to books and small collectibles.

table legs

We offer different models of table legs to be combined with tops in order to create modern and designer tables. Made of steel or iron, they are handcrafted by our expert workers, who use processing techniques linked to tradition but using modern and cutting-edge technologies. Our artisans and designers work in team to always find new styles and new trends.